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FAQs - general

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents on successfully gaining a place for a child at All Saints’ Primary School Nursery (from September 2013).


Does my offer of a place in the nursery class provide my child with their 15 hours of free nursery education?  Yes. The free place that you have been offered provides you with 15 hours per week. We offer a range of packages for you to choose from. Our core pattern of provision is currently in blocks of 5 hours over 3 days (for Kittens only). In addition, from September, you will be able to choose from 3 hour sessions over 5 days of the week for either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons. We also offer 2 and a half day packages. Further information is outlined in the Nursery Prospectus.


Can I choose the sessions that I want for my child in Kittens Class?  After receiving your confirmation letter from the local authority you will be contacted by the school with regards to your preferred choice of sessions. You will have the option of indicating your preferred package along with one other alternative.  You will also have the option to give reasons for your choice taking into account your family circumstances, work and study commitments. We will strive to place your child accordingly however we are limited by numbers and space and only have places for 26 part time children. This is approximately 13 children in each session.


Will my child access all of their Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum regardless of the sessions they attend?  When planning and delivering the curriculum we ensure that the provision, in both morning and afternoon sessions and full day sessions taken over the course of the week, meets the objectives within the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. We regularly rotate structured programmes to ensure all children access their full entitlement equally.


Where can I find out more information regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage?  Information regarding the Early Years curriculum will be provided for you in your Nursery “Welcome Pack” along with other relevant materials. Please also refer to other areas of this site for details on other aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Can I share my free nursery education with another provider?  Yes, as long as they are registered to deliver early years education and the number of hours to be taken with the school comprises of a full session. As with other local authority nursery classes you are unable to top up the sessions with payment as we are essentially a provider of free education places and not a fee paying establishment charging an hourly rate. For example, you would not be able to use 2 or 4 hours of funding with the school. The hours will need to be taken in blocks of 3 hours. We advise that you check with both providers that your requests can be accommodated when using the funding in this way.


How will the needs of my child be met if I only access part of the place?  In order to provide the regular and consistent educational experiences and to be able to build on what the children are learning day to day we feel that it is in the best interests of the child to attend Nursery for all of their sessions. We have found from our experience that children settle quicker, pick up the routines easier and make much better progress when attending fully. However, we also appreciate that there are also circumstances that make it difficult for you to access all of your sessions in one place. In these cases we will endeavour to help you work out the most suitable package for your child. We do understand that parents have work or study commitments which is why we offer additional sessions which can be paid for as well as working in partnership with our privately operated wrap around breakfast and after school club ‘Extra Time Club’ which is managed by Dawn James.


Can I access more than my free entitlement?  Yes. Additional sessions are available for either half or full days for a small charge. Our 3 hour sessions cost £12.50 and a full day is £25. The additional hours can be taken flexibly for as much or as little time as your family requires. Breakfast and Afterschool club facilities are also charged. For more information regarding their charges and provision you can contact Dawn.


Do you accept childcare vouchers?  Yes. You will need to contact your employer to see if they offer this service and the company that provides the electronic vouchers on their behalf. You will then need to organise with them to send payment directly to school. This is a great way to pay for additional sessions and saves you money.


Is my child entitled to a free school meal?  You may apply to the authority for a free school meal for your child if you are in receipt of certain benefits. However, you will only be entitled to a free school meal if your child is accessing their free nursery education place both before and after the lunch break and attends Kittens. Free school meals are not available for Kitten Tots.


Do you open over the school holidays?   The nursery class is part of the school and therefore opens during term time only. However ‘Extra Time Club’ opens for part of the Easter and Summer Holidays.